Bogota Historic Center - Day Tour.
From USD 40

Bogotá has a magical history that runs through its cobbled streets, a space where we will observe architecture and history. On this tour you will ascend to Cerro de Monserrate at 3,152 meters above sea level (More information)

Salt and Andres Cathedral - Day Tour.
From USD 135

The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá is the first wonder of Colombia, located 50 km from Bogotá is determined as an architectural, religious and cultural jewel. At the end of our tour we will arrive at the restaurant with the best Colombian style. (More information)

Colombian Nigth - Day Tour
From USD 93

Enjoy a magical night, enjoy a dinner with the Caribbean flavor and a rumba atmosphere to share the rhythm of Colombian music at Gaira Café, a restaurant of the family of the Colombian singer-songwriter Carlos Vives. (More information)

Boyacá Express - Day Tour.
From USD 120

We traveled to the north of the city of Bogotá a total journey of 145 km to reach one of the most beautiful villages of Boyacá, feeling for its cobbled streets and its 17th century architecture. (More information)

Ride on “Ciclovía Bogotá”.
From USD 68

We bring you the right bicycle with its equipment so you can enjoy a great day. (More information)

Ride to Cathedral.
From USD 133

We will begin our tour with departure by vehicle to the north of Bogotá. We arrive at the “El Gallo” cyclist stop where we take the bicycles and start a 26 km journey to the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira (More information)

Medellin Private City Tour
From USD 18

Medellín is poetry made city but it is also synonymous with concrete works; its squares, libraries, avenues, transportation and cultural settings have made it something new to show a world that remains avid and curious. (More information)

Private Tour Peñol - Guatapé
From USD 33

Rock of Guatapé, stone mass with 220 m of height that to ascend it is necessary to overcome more than 700 scales; Peñol Guatapé Reservoir, with 2,262 hectares of land flooded to give way to one of the most important hydroelectric plants in the country. (More information)

Private Night Tour, in Medellin
From USD 17

Medellín, City with hotel offer, hotels, restaurants, bars, discos, in exclusive, commercial and tourist spaces to share with family and friends. (More information)

Private Garden Tour.
From USD 63

The municipality of Jardín located 134 km. from Medellín in the south west subregion of Antioquia rich in coffee cultivation. (More information)

Tradition & Coffee Bike Tour.
From USD 2699

Colombia has different climates and altitudes, which allows for rolling at different heights above sea level, from 0 meters above sea level to 3,000 meters above sea level, it has paved and rural roads suitable for road cycling. (More information)

Strade Bianche - Bike Tour
From EUR 2490

Experience the excitement of the Strade Bianche of this 2 March to 9 March 2019 (More information)

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